Resurrection Power

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Easter Sunday is considered one of the most important days on the Christian calendar … and for good reasons.  The claim about the birth, life, and death of Jesus Christ is validated in the resurrection, which is the basis for every believer’s hope of salvation and eternal life.   As the Apostle Paul so clearly wrote:
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Black History Is American History

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February is Black History Month (BHM).  This is an annual celebration of the lives and achievements of African-Americans who have shaped the course of American history.  Therefore, BHM compels us to look at America through critical lenses in order to appreciate the contributions of other cultural groups (Hispanic, Asian, Native, etc.) who have left their
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When Bad Things Happen to the Innocent

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Another mass shooting has taken from us many innocent, vulnerable lives; and, we are likely to continue asking the question: Why do bad things happen to innocent people?  We are understandably baffled by the depraved and cowardly actions of those who inflict such merciless and unnecessary pain on their fellow humans. In the Book of
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Conflict in Family and Community

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God has ordained families and communities to be the sources from which we draw strength and gain perspective about who we are and how we fit into God’s overall plan.  People in community tend to be like-minded on some core issues, but will have different perspectives that contribute to building up the group.  Unfortunately, sometimes
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Like so many people, you may have wondered about God’s nature and whether we can really understand how God intervenes in our lives on a daily basis. Since God chooses to relate to us, then we should think about how to respond appropriately. I sincerely believe that God is calling every living being to be
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