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Pastor L. Paul Lawson, PhD  

Pastor Paul is a native-born Jamaican with roots in Pentecostal, Wesleyan and Liberation Theology traditions.  He earned his graduate degrees from Wheaton College (MA) and the University of Chicago (MA, PhD.).  His areas of specialization are Education, Religion, and Philosophy.    

Dr. Lawson is passionate about confronting the forces of oppression and victimization, and leading in the search for God in an age of secularism.  A devoted husband and father, he spends most of his spare time in genealogy, cooking, and reggae music.  An avid student of history and culture, our pastor believes that “the church has often lost her credibility and relevance in society, not just because of her imperfections, but because of her inability to relate to those who are voiceless and her unwillingness to apologize for her role in the demise of the ‘least of these.'”  



Lay Leader
Barbara Gbur,  Lay Leader


Linda Graddick, Administrative Assistant


Beth Anne Hostert, Choir Director


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