When Bad Things Happen to the Innocent

When Bad Things Happen to the Innocent

Another mass shooting has taken from us many innocent, vulnerable lives; and, we are likely to continue asking the question: Why do bad things happen to innocent people?  We are understandably baffled by the depraved and cowardly actions of those who inflict such merciless and unnecessary pain on their fellow humans.

In the Book of Habakkuk, the prophet himself had the same nagging question and wrestled with his deep concerns when he witnessed evil prevailing against the innocent.  God’s answers to the prophet might help us put such things in perspective: 1) Those who promote evil (directly or indirectly) will be punished [Hab 1:5-11]; and 2) Those who live righteously will be strengthened in their faithfulness (faith) [Hab 2:4].  Simply put, God will always make provision for every innocent victim.

We cannot always understand these events because we cannot always understand God (Romans 11:33).  God takes a broader view of life and death, and we are limited by time and space.  So, the death of innocence serves a divine and more honorable purpose than these tragedies would suggest.  Let us continue to pray for those affected by all forms of evil.


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