Choir Ministry

Sanctuary Choir


Our Sanctuary Choir has several functions.  Our primary purpose is to praise God with song.  We do this in not one, but several ways.  There is an expression that says, ‘We become what we sing.’   When we take words and put them to music, they become a part of who we are.   To that end, the congregation is led and uplifted in their own singing by the talents of the singers in the choir.   In turn, the choir sings music that the congregation cannot.  For most, the hymns sung during worship are just what the average congregant can manage.

Through dedicated weekly rehearsal, however, the choir can bring the Word to the congregation as comfort in times of crisis,  praise in times of joy and inspiration in times of apathy.  Above all, the well-rehearsed choir will breathe life into the text as it  sings with clear understanding and insight into the words and their meaning.   The text can shape the faith of those who worship.   Our prayer is that our contribution to worship enhances the message and brings encouragement and edification to all who hear us.